We provide outstaff service in software development areas.
Projects' options
  • Minimum projects' lenght - 6 months.
  • Minimal projects' size - 1 full-time engineer.
  • The average time for closing the vacancy is 1 month. It depends on vacancy complexity, budget, timezone, and other factors.
About project
For successful recruitment we need the following information
  • Information about client, project and team.
  • General position and responsibilities description.
  • Technology stack, desired English and seniority levels.
  • What tasks will the candidate face day by day?
  • What is the team structure - how many people are in the team, is there a team lead?
  • With whom the engineer will have constant communication? Who sets the tasks?
  • What are the growth prospects for the candidate?
  • What are the primary obligations of this position?
  • Client's budget.
What do we offer?
Employee onboarding
HR support
Health insurance
Office workplace and facilities
Our hiring process includes
Recruiter interview
Test task
Technical and HR interview
Technical interview with the customer
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